To factory reset your Aerofryer

  1. If your Aerofryer is off (display is off, Wi-Fi icon might be on) , press the 'rotary knob' on the front to turn it on.
  2. Long-press the'set time' button until you hear multiple beeps.
  3. The display will turn off.
  4. Your Aerofryer has now been reset to factory defaults.

A factory reset will reset the Wi-Fi network and password in your Aerofryer and will reset all the presets to their default values. This action cannot be undone. 
Resetting your Aerofryer will NOT remove it from your HomeWizard account. To do this go to the HomeWizard Kitchen App>Settings>My Kitchen devices>tap on the Kitchen device you want to remove from your HomeWizard account>tap "Delete device"